Randy Silvey

Randy Silvey

President, Wealth Advisor

Randy Silvey was raised on a farm in the small rural community of Wellington, in Lafayette County, Missouri. There he learned integrity, respect, honesty and service. He gained an appreciation of finance working within the federal government for 8 years inside the Department of Treasury. 

He started officially in the financial services industry, 15 years ago, one month prior to the 911 attacks in 2001. When he started, most in the profession were still called stock brokers. 

More than 11 years ago Randy began working, as a Financial Advisor, in the commercial and retail banking environment. There he learned about the fears and aspirations that many retirees and those close to retirement shared. Those that Randy met and worked with were generally more concerned about not losing what they had than growing more assets. 

Randy was motivated to start his own advisory company to propel his professional level of service. His vision was to provide a more holistic and robust investment environment. He was intent on creating a smaller relationship-based, boutique style office. Yet, by utilizing Infinity Financial, his clients would benefit from having access to the most sophisticated investment tools and strategies available. He would be able to clear obstacles that could restrain his client’s abilities to explore and participate in the latest, most sophisticated, risk mitigating, investment choices available today. Now, a proud nationwide independent wealth advisor, the vision is reality. 

Behind the Name - Silverlight Financial. The Silver in Silverlight represents a standard of excellence. Not perfection, but, excellence. As Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” 

The Light in Silverlight is there to show guidance, leadership, direction and education. Our “tagline” is “illuminating financial dreams.” Lighting a path, if you will, to help our clients obtain their dreams. The Light illuminates those dreams and guides our clients to make wise decisions in order to assist them in pursuing their retirement dreams.