Federal Retirement Readiness Review

Free/No Obligation FRRR -


The Federal Retirement Readiness Review (FRRR) is donated, free (no-obligation), to Federal Employees, up to 5 times each week. Each FRRR ends with an individual meeting, scheduled for 1-hour with noted writer, author and wealth manager, Randy Silvey.

The objective of the FRRR –

Assist Feds in learning if they are on track to achieving their retirement goals.

Most Asked Questions

Q. Am I really prepared to retire?

A. Randy do his best to help you answer that question.  The FRRR provides a non-biased review and honest opinion by an experienced advisor, with no strings attached.

Q. Why would you be willing to do this for free? There must be a catch!

A. No catch! No Surprises! The FRRR is part of Silverlight Financials, “Pay-It-Forward” initiative. We have developed a strong relationship with the Federal Workforce. To show our appreciation for that relationship, we do not charge for this service. We simply ask, if you find your FRRR experience beneficial, tell others about it and do something helpful for someone else, “Pay-It-Forward.”

To Request a Personal FRRR, complete the FRRR Questionnaire by clicking this link:

(Federal Retirement Readiness Review Questionnaire)

FYI:  The more complete the questionnaire, the more comprehensive the results will be for you. When you are done, don't forget to click SUBMIT.

Note: For your identity protection this form does not ask for your SSN, date of birth or address (just city and state).