A 5-Step Process for Retirement Planning and Investing with confidence 

The process begins with you, and it remains centered on you throughout the 5 Steps. 

1 - Getting to Know You and Your Goals with a Retirement Readiness Review 

We do not start with any preconceptions. We listen to understand who you are and how you picture your desired destination. Especially, we want to find out whether you are looking for portfolio growth or preservation. Or are you seeking a combination of both? 

We understand that retirement income is a key consideration. That's why we offer fixed investments designed to give you competitive returns. 

Also, clients often are looking for guidance on their IRA, 401(k) rollover, TSP rollover, social security planning, or target retirement date. We can help you as we go through the five steps of this process. 

2 – Create Your Retirement or Financial Plan 

The typical individual, government employee, or family planning for retirement has many issues that need to be addressed immediately and moving pieces that need to be considered and most often addressed annually. Common objectives often include saving on taxes, mitigating common risks, and better leveraging of your assets for income. 

As we manage YOUR plan, we act as your personal CFO to coordinate your team of specialists. These often include tax, estate, and legal team members. Our process includes keeping you updated. The outcome: You gain the advantage of having a team of experienced professionals at your disposal while avoiding the headaches of spending time trying to manage the process. 

Risk management is key – creating the right holistic strategy for your situation, reviewing the types of insurance you have currently, and making changes to fit your goals and needs are all key factors. Considerations include life, health, disability, and long term care insurance. 

3 - Collaborate with You to Build Your Custom Portfolio(s) 

Through our vast resources as an independent financial professional, it is our goal to find some of the best financial solutions available in the market and offer them to our clients without any bias or prejudice. We create with you a portfolio designed to help you achieve your specific growth and preservation objectives. 

We construct each of our portfolios with a custom designed, risk/return efficiency approach. Each of our portfolios are designed with a clear financial standard (cash reserves, income, growth, etc...) on behalf of our clients. In light of the recent market trends, we believe that reducing downside capture is as important as enhancing positive returns. 

Our investment specialty exemplifies two levels of diversification. First, within our portfolios, we diversify among various asset classes and industry sectors. We believe the current global economy and increased correlation among asset classes has made it necessary to add a percentage of the portfolio into alternative investments. 

Second, incorporating unique money management styles, such as strategic (buy and hold) and tactical (active trading) further enhances the level of diversification of our client’s portfolios. As a result, we seek to position our client’s portfolios beyond a traditional investment approach. 

4 - Address Any Retirement or Financial Planning Issues 

Each client has a unique set of circumstances that we help address. 

We never isolate our work from your other advisors such as your estate attorney, tax advisor, and the other professionals helping you to make sound decisions. 

Working with a limited number of clients, we are able to take time to draw on and coordinate the experience and skills these professionals bring to your life. 

5 – Monitor, Update, and Communicate Over Time 

In the financial world, just as it is in your life and in the world around you, change is a constant. That's why it's vital to monitor your portfolio. 

We have a special focus on helping clients preserve their retirement assets into retirement, and establish a retirement income stream with the goal of making your money last a lifetime. 

We consider clients to be an extension of our family. You receive communications which reflect our current outlook along with conclusions and opinions. But communication goes far beyond newsletters and quarterly updates. 

For example, you have your own, real-time personal financial website, a 24/7 "command center". We invite you to periodic workshops and take your personal calls to get answers to your questions and to express your concerns. Also, we will talk with you personally when we are confronting unsettling world or economic news.

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