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Federal Retirement Readiness Review

float:rightThe FRRR is donated, for free with no obligations, to Feds up to 8 times each week.  It's purpose is to assist in determining if they are on track to the retirement they are looking for. In addition to the structured (review) portion of the meetings, Randy also answers as many personal retirement (benefits and planning) questions as possible.


The FRRR is a 3-part program. The first part is a risk assessment.  It looks at you and how you should be invested. Part 2 looks at retirement accounts such as, your TSP and/or other investment vehicles, to see if they are a good fit.  Part 3 is a structured hour long retirement readiness phone meeting. 


Feds often Ask, “Why would you be willing to do this for free and with no obligation? There must be a catch!”


No catch! No Surprises! The FRRR is part of Silverlight Financials, “Pay-It-Forward” initiative. We have developed a strong relationship with the Federal Workforce. To show our appreciation for that relationship, we do not charge for this service. We simply ask, if you find your FRRR experience beneficial, tell others about it and then do something helpful for someone else, “Pay-It-Forward.”


If you are looking for greater confidence and would like to schedule your personal FRRR, contact us at:

Phone: 816-524-1515