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Fed Focused Advisors

What is a Fed Focused Advisor (FFA) and why should Federal Employees want one?

Note: Fed Focused Advisor or FFA is not a license or designation.  It is Silverlight Financials description of an advisor that predominantly concentrates their efforts to working with federal employees and their federal retirement benefits. 

A Fed Focused Advisor (FFA) – Is an individual that focuses their talents and knowledge on building a strong command of federal retirement benefits and the needs of federal employees…EXCLUSIVELY.

Many Non-FFA’s will try to cast a wide net and grab as many clients as possible. Being a “Jack of all trades and master of none.”

Federal employees DO NOT have the same retirement system as other Americans. Federal retirement benefits are not only superior to most; they are more complicated as well. The average advisor does NOT know the difference.

Think of the average Americans retirement benefits package as being a high-end, 10-speed bicycle. It is functional and has the ability to get someone where they want to go. It is also not terribly complicated to maneuver, tweak or repair.

Then think of the federal retirement benefits package as being a Harley-Davidson Touring Road-Glide Ultra with 1690 cc’s of raw power. This magnificent machine has been purchased and delivered. But, the federal workforce has not been given the keys, an owner’s manual, basic driving instructions or schematics. Most don’t have a clue how to drive this marvelous machine.

So, they turn to an expert to help them learn how to care for and ultimately drive off into a hair-blowing retirement. Unfortunately, many feds are turning to a bicycle shop (non-FFA) for help. Unaware of the differences, the average advisor will similarly direct federal employees as the typical bike rider. Ever try to pedal a Harley?

In the beginning, unaware feds will sit on their retirement just the way their non-FFA told them too. Only later will they realize this peddling approach is not taking them where they want to go.

Qualifications – A Fed Focused Advisor:

  1. Will work exclusively with federal employees. This will be apparent on their website. If they don’t appear to be a “Fed Only” advisor. They do not qualify.
  2. Should also have at least 10 years’ experience as a registered advisor. Let the newer advisors cut their teeth on someone else’s retirement, not yours.
  3. Should also offer free/no obligation services to assist feds in determining their current preparedness for retirement. Such as Silverlight Financials Federal Retirement Readiness Review (FRRR).

To gain more information and request a no-obligation consultation, contact us.

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